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April 21, 2013

Constructivist Teaching and Learning

We talk a lot about curriculum-based technology integration on the Edtech Co-Op podcast. Note: The podcast is at a new site- http://edtechcoop.posthaven.com. We also have guests on to share instructional and assessment strategies that guide students to make meaning and construct their understanding. Our last two shows zeroed in on constructivism as we spoke with Stephan Anagnost of the International School of Curacao. Stephan describes the hard but fruitful work of designing student-centered learning opportunities. If you haven’t listed to the two podcasts, do take a listen.

Here are a few more resources about constructivist learning opportunities.

My wife runs the Future Problem Solvers (FPS) club at her high school. One of my sons this year started a FPS team at his school. They attended the state competition this weekend. Both came home describing the incredible creativity and problem solving that took place as teams from across the state tackled the presented problem. Look to learn more about FPS and how you might start a chapter at your school. It is can be a helpful model to add to your teaching toolkit.

Speaking of problem solving, John Hunter just publised a book about his World Peace Game. If you haven’t seen hisĀ TED Talk, do look to check it out. The World Peace Game is all about students working together to problem solve and build understanding as they go through a series of prompts to find peace in an ongoing simulation game.

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