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December 13, 2012

Screencasting and Adaptations

I am working with a group of students having them research good design principles that they will then use in creating a presentation to share their findings. As they are working in the computer lab, several of the students decided to use both their personal iPads and the computers. Some reviewed the provided Web sites on the iPads while recording the notes into a Google Doc on the computer. Others did the opposite. Some took notes in bullet form while others had more free flowing short paragraphs. Each student adapted the technology and information processing to best meet his/her personal learning system.

Second Grader Opening Scene of Screencast on Hanukkah

Much has been shared in the blogosphere about how helpful screencasting apps are for helping students communicate their understanding. Our First and Second Graders use the ScreenChomp app on the iPads. I continue to be in awe at how well they are able to use their drawing and verbal skills to make their thinking visible. While the final products provide valuable measurements for understanding, it is the student processing and constructing their learning during the creation of the video that is so important.

I previously posted about Suzy Tacktill, our art teacher at Alexandria Country Day School, and the field trips she is leading for all our grade levels throughout the school year. Our most recent trip was to the National Gallery where the students viewed landscapes. Suzy taught them how to analyze landscapes which led to some pretty incredible discussions as I watched the students interact with the art. Just as before, Suzy set aside some time for the students to use their iPads in the museum to apply what they had seen in their tour. Here are some more examples by our Third Graders to go with the one at the start of this paragraph.


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