The following information comes from the FCPS page listing information about Shari, the Tech Titan, who represents the NETS Communication and Collaboration standard. My comments are at the end of each passage.

Unique Traits

The swirl of communication and collaboration never stops with Shari! She loves learning with others both in school and outside of school.  Shari uses technology tools to make communicating and collaborating easier.

My Take: These characters represented in posters displayed in schools throughout the county are aimed to engage students to think about their use of technology and information. Thus the language fits well for our younger students. I wonder if there are plans to differentiate the representations for our Middle and High School students as the program moves forward. I think even with our older students that the Manga style art can bring in high schoolers to offer their take on ways they communicate and collaborate. One can definitely see the Tech Titans Web pages expanding to include examples of student work and their interpretations.

Special Skills

Shari not only loves to share her discoveries, she is also very curious to learn about what others think and values opportunities to learn from others.  She asks great questions, is a good listener, and enjoys the collaborative process.  She has an interest in understanding other cultures, so she engages with a variety of people within her school, the community, and even around the world!

My Take: I really like the highlighting of being good listeners to also ask good and hopefully expansive questions when appropriate. Being citizens connected to their local and greater world community is key as this standard so nicely guides students to use their social skills often supported by technology as noted in the Digital Tools section below.

Digital Tools

Shari uses a variety of collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, discussion boards, email, and web conferencing.


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